General Industrial Parts - Gloves

Sol-vex Chemical Resistant

HIGH PERFORMANCE outstanding combination of strength and chemical resistance. TOUGH NITRILE COMPOUND ...longer wear and better protection against abrasion, cuts, snags and punctures than many other chemical resistant gloves. RESISTANCE TO DEGRADATION ...will not weaken or swell like rubber and neoprene in many solvents, caustics and animal fats.

APPLICATIONS: Chemical processing, oil refining, petrochemicals. Food processing (red meat poultry, vegetables, fruit, dairy and canning) Aerospace and automotive degreasing, Automotive assembly and painting. Machining operations using cutting oil and coolants, metal fabrication. Graphic arts, printing clean-up. Furniture manufacturing. Battery manufacturing. Electronics (semi-conductors, circuit board manufacturing).

Sol-vex Chemical Resistant

BROAD PROTECTION ...reinforced neoprene coating provides better all-around resistance to abrasion, cutting and chemicals than most other gloves coatings. Fabric lining enhances puncture and snag resistance. COMFORTABLE ...curved fingers and wing thumb provide a natural fit and greater comfort, 2-piece lining eliminates seams from the working areas to prevent hand irritation.

APPLICATIONS: Refining and petrochemicals. Degreasing. Plating. Metal fabrication. Handling oils, acids, caustics, alcohols and many solvents. Haz Mat work. Chemical Resistant

Monkey Grip

ECONOMICAL ...ideal for a broad range of chemical resistant jobs. LONG WEARING ...tough vinyl coating has excellent abrasion resistance. COMFORTABLE ...2-piece lining eliminates seams from the working areas to prevent hand irritation and premature wear-thru. Curved, pre-flexed fingers and wing thumb provide extra working ease.

APPLICATIONS: Handling oils, acids, caustics and alcohols.


RESISTS STRONG SOLVENTS ...including aromatics, aliphatics and chlorinated - the types which quickly deteriorate rubber, neoprene and PVC gloves. PVA is nearly inert to these solvents. There is little absorption to cause swelling, and little extraction to cause shrinking. VERY COMFORTABLE ...weighs only half as much as a neoprene coated gauntlet. Curved, pre-flexed fingers and wing thumb fit the hand naturally and work easier. Interlock knit lining provides greater flexibility

APPLICATIONS: Electronics. Handling strong organic solvents. Working with epoxies and prepreg.


EXTRA TOUGH ...heavy duty nitrile coating gives superior service for handling rough, abrasive materials. Outwears heavy-duty leather palms 3 to 1. Provides excellent resistance to cuts, snags, punctures, abrasion, grease and oil. COMFORTABLE ...soft jersey lining is a 2-piece pattern. Eliminates seams from the working areas to prevent hand irritation and premature wear-thru. Curved, pre-flexed fingers and wing thumb provide extra working comfort. EXCELLENT DRY GRIP ... makes handling easier and safer.

APPLICATIONS: Heavy-duty handling of castings, cores, fabricated metal. Production handling of fabricated building materials such as concrete blocks, brick, tile, lumber, drywall, and plywood.

General Industrial Parts - Matting

Easy-Sweep Vinyl Matting

FEATURES: A durable vinyl runner with a round ribbed corrugation running lengthwise. Available in six appealing decorator colors. Has a textured impression back.

FUNCTION: Protects floors and promotes safety. Our round rib corrugations are specially designed for ease of cleaning.

BENEFITS: Exceptional wear. Has good resistance to many acids and chemicals. Easy to clean. Improves traction. Tear resistant. Meet flammability test requirements of Motor Vehicle Standard No. 302 (49 CFR 571.302). Stain resistant. Abrasion resistant.

Non-Military Diamond Vinyl Matting

FEATURES: Boston Diamond Plate is a uniquely engineered, deeply-embossed, steel deck design matting that offers attractive, practical and commercial grade vinyl runner with a high technology appearance.

FUNCTION: Most widely used in heavy traffic areas where floor protection and safety are important.

BENEFITS: Exceptional wear characteristics make it ideal for heavy traffic. It has good resistance to most beverages, normal oils, usual household cleansers and common industrial chemicals. Meets flammability test requirements of Motor Vehicle Safety Standards No. 302 (49 CFR 571.302).

APPLICATIONS: Ideal for ramps and walkways, airports, restaurants, factories, office buildings and department stores.

General Industrial Parts - Rainwear

Dura Hyde 54

Heavyweight 13oz. PVC/Polyester flame-retardant fabric with soft leather-like texture is extremely flexible in all conditions. Holds warmth, dissipates moisture and provides comfort and mobility. Electronically welded seams. Available in Yellow.


(Three-piece suit) Made of 35mm vinyl on polyester. Heat-sealed seams, low temperature flexibility. Jacket features two covered pockets, storm flap, non-conductive snaps on front and sleeve, ventilated back, underarm vents, detachable hood. Bib style trousers feature safety fly and take-up snaps on ankle. Jacket and trousers available separately. Available in Yellow Sizes: (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

General Industrial Parts - Rubber Adhesives


VERSATILE COLD VULCANIZING ADHESIVE Widely recognized as the world's finest cold vulcanizing cement. Rema Tip Top's highly versatile and non-flammable SC2000 is ideal for conveyor belt splicing, patching and all types of rubber fabrication. By using SC2000 with Rema's UTR-20 hardener, natural rubber, neoprene or nitrile fabric carcass conveyor belts can be easily spliced. And when the job calls for bonding rubber to metal, rubber to rubber or rubber to fabric, Rema Tip Top's SC2000 is the right choice, providing the highest bond strength available today. SC2000 is especially effective when used with Rema's CN Bonding Layer (a semi-cured layer of neoprene used in a wide range of Rema's Tip Top cold bond linings, lagging, and conveyor belt repair materials), completing the curing process and creating an inseparable, durable bond.

CFC-Free Pangofol White (993F)

PANG Industrial's line of Pangofol two-part, cold-bonding liquid cements provide excellent solutions for splicing conveyer belts and bonding belt repair strips and patches

  • White rubber-bonding cement
  • CFC-Free, free of aromatics
  • Does not contain trichloroethylene (TCE), reducing its toxicity
  • Excellent for replacing TCE-based products without any performance loss, or where color differential is required
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Pangofol White Cement is FDA Compliant for limited, approved applications


LARGE SURFACE APPLICATIONS The result of Rema Tip Top's commitment to continuously improve our products, BC3000 was specially developed for rubber lining large surface areas, applications where extended drying time is desirable. A two-component adhesive, used with UTR-20 hardener, BC3000's excellent bonding properties make it perfect for applying rubber to rubber or rubber to metal over large surfaces, like large vessels, hoppers and tanks. Under normal working temperatures, BC3000 provides a pot life of up to six hours, and a tack time of six hours, allowing fast and economical completion of any lining project.

Plastic Cement

PLASTIC CEMENT: MULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE Rema Tip Top's Cement was specially developed for cold splicing PVC belts, for bonding PVC to PVC belting, for bonding polyurethane or PVC sheeting to metal , and for bonding polyurethane to PVC sheeting. Used with UTR-20 hardener, the non-flammable and easy to use Plastic Cement provides outstanding results time after time.

Solvents and Primer

Rema's Cleaning Solvent is designed to wash down metal surfaces after sandblasting or grinding, providing a clean, contaminant-free bonding surface. A one-part, quick drying metal primer, Rema Tip Top's Readi Fast Metal Primer can be used on a wide range of metal surfaces and helps assure a complete and long-lasting bond. Convenient and easy to use, Readi Fast is particularly effective when a lining job must be completed in a short period of time.

Rubber Working Tools

Rema's Tip Top's full line of rubber working tools -- stitchers, brushes, knives, rollers, rasps, and grinding discs are all made to last. Field-proven tough, Rema rubber tools can withstand the rigors of all types of applications from heavy duty industrial and mining situations on through light duty and other processing applications.

General Industrial Parts - Sheet Rubber

Rubber Sheet

Style #50 and Style 135 Non Oil-resistant All Rubber Sheet: Excellent general purpose gasket materials for air, hot and cold water, saturated steam and exterior service. Style #50 is a cloth-finish, drum cured sheet. It is an excellent, low cost, flange gasket material. Red. Style # 135 is a full-floating natural rubber. It resists most organic salts, ammonia, acids and alkalies. It is non-marking. Tan gum.

Style #135 Oil and Ozone-resistant Sheet: A blend of SBR, neoprene and nitrile rubbers. It is moderately oil and ozone-resistant, for use as bumpers, pads, sealing, and general gasket applications. This is commercial grade material, not recommended for severe oil and ozone-resistance applications. A full-floating, natural rubber. It resists most organic salts, ammonia, acids and alkalies. It is non-marking. Tan gum.

General Industrial Parts - Miscellaneous

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